HOW TO: Enjoy exercise when you’re a couch potato

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything here; I’ve never been the biggest fan of exercise.

When I was little, Dad took me to little A’s. I cried afterwards and begged him not to take me back. In high school, I pretended I had my period every sports lesson so I didn’t have to participate (my teachers must have thought I had a messed up menstural cycle.) And at one point I had a gym membership for 2 years that I only used 3 times.

I’ve just never found working out enjoyable. Until now! That’s right you guys, this couch potato has found all of the ways to make exercise fun! Tested and tried, so you know I’m not lying! No porkie pies here. Check them out below!

How to enjoy exercise when you’re a couch potato

1. Don’t do it while you watch TV

Don’t bother with that whole exercising in front of the TV thing. "Do 10 reps of squats while you watch your favourite TV show!" Are you joking? How To Get Away With Murder involves focus and dedication. I can’t concentrate on how extraordinary and sassy Viola Davis if I’m trying to fang out some lunges. Nope. Not going to happen.

2. Go to classes

There’s this class called Pound at my gym where you use weighted drumsticks and bash them on the floor while exercising to music. It’s the best. I mean, you guys, you get to hit things while you dance to music! (It’s not actually a dance class, but when the instructor plays Beyonce there’s no way I can stop myself.) Classes are the best way to exercise without actually thinking you are. Different gyms offer different classes, but I promise you’ll find at least one you enjoy.

3. Find a pal

Exercising is so much better when you’re suffering with someone else. Just kidding! But it is a lot more fun to go for a long walk with a friend. One minute you’re talking about how good Offspring was last night, the next you’ve done 10,000 steps! AND you get to drink coffee afterwards. Win win!

4. Buy cute gym clothes

Like, totally babes. You’re so much more motivated to work out if you’re going to look like a model doing it. Most of the time I look like Robin from How I Met Your Mother in the gym, but sometimes I find a top that matches my shoes and I feel like I’m serious #fitspo. You don’t even have to spend that much money! Have you ever even BEEN to Kmart? I got 2 singlets and a pair of leggings for $30. That place makes dreams come true.

5. Remember the bennies

Bennies = benefits. Keep up, pals. When you can’t be bothered to go to the gym or get outside and get moving, remember how good you’ll feel afterwards. You’ll have more energy, you’ll be the good kind of sore, and you’ll be one workout closer to being a fitness freak. You’ll basically look like Beyonce or Chris Hemsworth. You choose which one!

6.Pump da choons

If I’m going for a walk/run (by run I mean jogging from one lamp post to the next while I run out of breath), I make sure I have a REAL good playlist to accompany me. I’m talking Queen B, Kendrick, Drake, 80’s pop tunes, DMX, you name it. Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here! It makes you exercise like a fiend!

7. Reward yourself

Or as Donna and Tom from Parks & Rec would say, TREAT YO SELF. You went to the gym and did cardio for 45 minutes? Girl, you go ahead and buy yourself a coffee! You actually got up when your alarm went off and went for a jog? Have yourself a merry little bubble bath to celebrate! You are the dawg! I always give myself a pat on the back when I exercise because I’m DARNED PROUD OF MYSELF. And you should be too! Work it!

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