Banana & Coconut Porridge with Blueberries & All of the Things

I LOVE porridge. That’s no secret! I’ve made it almost every day for the past year and there’s no sign of me getting sick of it anytime soon. Eating porridge on the reg means I’m able to experiment with different toppings and flavour combinations. Don’t get me wrong, I love them all! But this one is my absolute favourite. It’s got a special place in my heart, just like every Hilary Duff movie ever made.

Cooking the banana with the porridge from the start is the secret to how ridiculously delicious this porridge is. It gives it a beautiful, natural sweetness and compliments all the other flavours perfectly. The coconut milk makes it indulgently rich, but not at all sickly, and the blueberries give it such an incredible burst of flavour in every bite.

Make a bowl of this for anyone who isn’t that fussed about porridge and they will be soon after their first bite!

Banana Coconut Porridge with Blueberries & All of the Things

Serves 1


1/3 cup rolled oats (heaped)1/2 cup boiling water¼ cup coconut milk1 ripe banana1 teaspoon cinnamon½ cup blueberries (I use frozen but fresh is great too)A handful walnuts1 tablespoon pepitas1 teaspoon chia seeds (optional)1 tablespoon coconut flakes

Place the oats, water and coconut milk in a small saucepan over medium heat. Slice up the banana and pop half of it in in the saucepan with the cinnamon.

Stir until beautifully creamy. This is the secret to making the best porridge, you have to give it a lot of TLC! The more you stir, the creamier it’s going to be. Trust me, you guys. It’s worth it!

When the porridge is beautifully creamy, take it off the heat and pour it into a bowl. Top with the other half of the banana, blueberries, crushed walnuts, coconut flakes, pepitas and chia seeds (if using). Enjoy!

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