A Christmas Feast

Look, you guys. I’m going to be straight-up diggity dawg honest with you right now. In the past, I just haven’t been that that fussed about Christmas lunch or dinner at all. Blasphemy, right? Who doesn’t love a traditional Aussie Christmas lunch or dinner?

Well… Me, you guys. I don’t.

Aussie Christmas is usually all about the prawns, oysters and cold leg ham. Not my cuppa tea! I’m not into seafood and I just don’t appreciate cold meat! I’m super duper happy that everyone else enjoys it, don’t get me wrong! You go ahead and gobble down those prawn cocktails! I’ve just always induced myself into a chocolate type of food coma, instead of the seafood-y cold ham type of food coma everyone else does. Each to their own and all that, you know?!

This year, I was in charge of Christmas dinner and BOY was I excited about it. Finally, we could all just eat mac and cheese and live life! Just kidding… A girl can only dream!

There’s nothing in the world I love doing more than making, cooking and baking food and watching my loved ones enjoy it. You ever heard of those people in the family that just sit back and watch everyone eat and wait to see if everyone likes it before they start themselves? That’s me. It makes me so happy to make other people happy with food that I make… Even if most of the time I’m terrified that it’s not good enough!

So this year, I decided to stick with what I know and make some roast veggies and fang a piece of meat in the slow cooker. Delicious, simple and a massive crowd pleaser! Easy peasy, right?

Wrong. My beautiful Mum bought a pork shoulder roast from Woolies when she bravely ventured to do the food shopping on Christmas Eve. I’m best pals with the local butcher so I usually get it from there and they cut all of the fat off for me; it just doesn’t slow cook well!

So there I was, faced with this twined up piece of pork with a whole layer of fat on. I freaked out for a second and then was all, "der Lou, make pork crackling you silly bill!" I mean, I’ve never made or ever even tried crackling before but I just decided it couldn’t be that hard… And every time I’ve seen someone eat it on Masterchef or My Kitchen Rules, they look like they’re about to wee their pants with excitement and joy. I wanted to make my mum and Alex wee their pants with excitement and joy!

And boy, did I!

I’ll pop the recipe up for the crackling real soon, but know this: it was good. And I don’t like tooting my own horn at all, so that’s saying something!

As well as the crackling, I also made a beautiful, festive roast pumpkin and brussels sprout dish with pommegranate seeds. You guys will love it! I’ll pop the recipe up for that soon as well.

And don’t worry, pals. We also had cold Christmas ham, because I’m not a complete monster! Just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean everyone else shouldn’t enjoy it!

Then there was some tortillas to pop the pulled pork and guac in. And some mashed potatoes because, der. Potatoes.

Oh, and we can’t forget the wine!

Desert was non-existent because I knew we would all be too full to function after dinner. I’m still experiencing symptoms of a food coma a day later, but good golly it was so worth it.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. I’m so thankful for so many things and I think that’s what Christmas is about! I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas too! What did you have for Christmas lunch or dinner? Do you think I’m crazy for not liking seafood and cold ham? Let me know in the comments below!

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