HOW TO: Cope when your favourite TV series ends

I love TV almost as much as I love food. Actually, I probably love them the same amount. That’s big, you guys. You know how there are people who just love reading, or listening to classical music, or knitting? TV is just my THANG. I’m pretty sure I just caught a glimpse of Bananas in Pyjamas when I was a baby and that was that. B1 and B2 got me hooked!

As a result, I’ve seen all of the shows on TV. Well, not all of them, but the really good ones. If there was a foodie version of watching TV, I’d be the top one. And it’s not like I’m boasting… No-one’s ever been proud of how much TV they watch! I’m just telling it like it is; I love television and I’m real good at watching it and that’s that!

So because I’m a couch potato, I know a thing or two about being completely enchanted by TV series and absolutely devastated when they end. I’m sure there are many of you out there who experience the same thing! When the US version of The Office ended, I was a complete wreck. When I watched the last episode of Parks and Rec, I sobbed uncontrollably for hours! Friday Night Lights? Don’t get me started.


But I’m here to tell you pals, it gets better. Here’s my guide on how to push through the pain!

1. Let yourself grieve

If someone tells you "it’s just a TV show", you need to tell them to shut it. You’re going to feel a lot of things when those end credits start rolling and you gotta let yourself feel all of those things! Most great TV series last for at least 5 seasons… That’s a long time to be involved with fictional characters and plot lines, you guys. It’s okay to cry! LET. IT. OUT.

2. Comfort Eat

"Oh no, you should never find comfort in fatty and sugary foods" Yeah, okay nutritionists and psychologists. I’m not telling you to eat a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s all day every day! Just when you’re real upset about watching the final episode of your favourite TV show! Eat my shorts, Michelle Bridges. If us couch potatoes gotta binge on some Kinder Surprise Cookies to get through one night, we will. And if it makes you happy, we’ll go for a run in the morning to burn it off… Maybe. We might still be grieving. But we’ll definitely go to the gym on Monday, alright?

3. Remember all the good times

Remember the one where Rachel, Pheobe and Joey knew about Chandler and Monica and they were all ‘they don’t know that we know that they know!’? Those were the days!

After you grieve, you can remember all of the great times your favourite fictional characters had together and share those times with your pals! Let me tell you, most of my friendships started because of/are based on quotes and memories from TV Shows! One of my best friends, Claudia, moved to L.A. a few years ago and everytime we talk now it always starts with an "EEEAAAAAGLE!" I mean, how can you be sad when you’re quoting and reliving the glory of Scrubs?!

4. Find a new show

This one is tricky, because it’s kind of like when your pet rabbit dies and someone’s all "you can get a new one!" and you’re all "GOSH Dad, you can’t just buy me a new best friend, UGH!" (R.I.P. Flopsy.)

It’ll be tricky, but you gotta move on. The beauty of television is that there are SO many great TV shows out there. I know what you’re thinking: "I’ll never love a show like I loved Breaking Bad!" I know how you feel! You won’t love the new show as much, but you’ll love it in a different way. After Parks and Rec finished I swore I’d never watch TV again! But then I started binge watching Scandal and I was all, "Shonda Rhimes you wonderful, sneaky fiend."

5. But always know that you can return to your first love, and start from the very beginning

A very good place to start! Again! This is why DVD boxsets and Netflix are the dawgs. Even though you’ll never experience a series for the first time again, you can rewatch it over and over again. You can re-feel the feels, laugh again, cry some more and forget that you were ever upset! That is, until you reach the end of the series again… But then you can just come back to this how to guide and start all over! Happy days!

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