Weekly Meal and Snack Things #1

I know. Horrible title, right? I can’t think of a good name for this new series so for now, we’re stuck with it!

I’ve read in a few different places that you should write the blog that you would like to read. I’m super duper nosey and I love reading about what people like to eat, how they meal prep and what meals/snacks they eat. I feel like I can’t be the only one, right?!

A lot of magazines that are, quite frankly, complete trash rags always seem to have “A Day on _________’s Plate” articles, where the celebrity or public figure in question describes what they eat on a typical day. It’s such bullshit, you guys. And I don’t like to swear, but seriously, it just is actual bullshit. “Oh, I have an egg white omelette for breakfast, a green tea for a snack, a salad with no carbs for lunch, and a piece of protein for dinner.” UGH. Are you guys for realsies?

The first problem I have with this is: it’s in no way realistic. I would be extremely surprised if these people actually did eat like this. I’m sure a handful of them do but gee whiz pals, can you imagine how unhappy they must be?!

The second problem? These articles, just like most other nonsense you see in the media, significantly contribute to disordered eating in an alarming amount of people. I used to read these magazine articles and follow them religiously. If I saw Beyonce’s daily meals consisted of nothing but low-calorie, nutrient-deficient food, I would copy it, meal for meal. Because everything around is is telling us that we’re worthless unless we aspire to look/be like our idols, right?

So, in the interest of not writing bullshit, I’m starting this series so you guys can see what normal people eat in a day, or a week, and not feel shit after reading it. I’m recovering from an eating disorder. I don’t look anything like Beyonce and I can’t remember the last time I ate an egg white omlette. I’m not saying I’m anybody’s idol but I feel like that is the point.We shouldn’t be striving to eat, look or be like anyone else but ourselves! I know exactly what I want to eat, what makes me feel good and what tastes good to me. So that’s what I eat. It might be completely different to what you might like, but that’s wonderful!

I want you guys to read this and be able to hopefully get some inspiration for meals and snacks, and to know that you do not have to follow a rigid meal plan to be healthy. In fact, unless specified by a healthcare professional, I don’t think you should ever follow a rigid meal plan.

So, without further ado:

This Week’s Nums in the Tums (better title than the first, or worse? I can’t tell!)

Disclaimer: I’m so sorry about the low quality of most of the photos… I can’t carry around my canon all the time, folks!


My breakfasts this week have been on point, pals. On the weekend I had toasted coconut banana bread with greek yoghurt and stewed prunes. I love keeping regular and I ain’t ashamed of it! (The breaky is pictured above.)

On Monday I had this coconut flour pancake from Kylie Mitchell’s blog. It was delish! I probably wouldn’t add the peanut butter swirl next time though, as pretty as it looks. It just took away from the taste of the pancake! Next time I might add blueberry compote and yoghurt, because yas.

On Tuesday I had a work meeting at my favourite cafe, Edmonds and Greer. I ordered the porridge with almond milk and strawberry and rhubarb compote. But I saw that another meal on the menu came with lemon curd and I actually die for lemon curd, so I ordered that on the side. GREAT CHOICE, PAST LOU. You da woman!

On Wednesday I had a chocolate and peanut butter smoothie and it was just SO good. Smoothies never used to appeal to me but then I figured out how to make them delicious and filling. I’ll do a post on it real soon! This one had almond milk, chocolate protein powder, cacao powder, frozen banana, dark chocolate peanut butter and rolled oats.

On Thursday I had a smooshed banana and honey on raisin toast with my usual soy cappaccino for first breakfast. I would usually have it with peanut butter too, but I work in childcare and PB and kids just do not mix. It was still pretty good though!

My second breakfast was a green smoothie but I cringe when I write that because it was only green because I plopped some spinach in it that was about to go off. This one had almond milk, frozen pineapple and mango, almond butter and spinach. OH and turmeric, because I started feeling really sick on Thursday! I always have turmeric when I feel run down and I feel like it works!

I was feeling even more unwell on Friday so I had half a smoothie for breaky and slept for the rest of the day until I had to go back to work. I can’t even remember what was in it! But don’t worry, you guys. I feel much better now!

Lunches and Dinners

One night I had this chickpea and brown rice salad. I’m pretty sure it had chopped spinach, tomatoes, brown rice, chickpeas and goats cheese. It was just what I felt like and hit the spot big time!

On Tuesday I made spelt pasta with a herby turkey mince sauce. I browned some turkey mince and cooked it with lots of dried herbs, tinned tomatoes, carrots, onion and chicken stock. I didn’t follow a recipe or write it down but it was yum! I ate about two thirds of this and then kept the rest for lunch the next day. I felt really chuffed about it because I used to scoff pasta down and not realise or care when I was full. This time I was able to remember that even though it was delicious, I was full, and it would be just as delicious tomorrow, when I was hungry again.

Another night I had chicken breasts that I had to cook and leftover breadcrumbs from when I made schnitzel last week. I sliced and battered the breasts so they were quite thin and then coated them in pesto and breadcrumbs and pan fried them. They didn’t look great but they tasted really nice! We had them with a spinach salad, sweet potato wedges and aioli. Yum!

On Thursday night I was feeling really unwell so I just had some leftover pasta from Tuesday and went to sleep. Friday was better though: pizza! I didn’t take a photo but I had a few slices of supreme and they were delish!


I get really excited about snacks, you guys. I think it’s because I used to be so scared of eating them, even when I was hungry when I was in the depths of my ED. Now I look forward to them so much because they’re not forbidden to me anymore!

I tried this yoghurt on Monday but couldn’t finish it because it just tasted a little bit weird to me.

But then I tried this yoghurt and it was amazing.com/yasdairyfarmersYAS. Will definitely be buying more of these for snacks next week!

I’ve been super duper into these peanut butter bars by Ridiculously Delicious Peanut Butter. They’re so good. I bought a whole bunch of them from the fruit shop near my house and the cashier was like “I’m addicted to these, it’s so naughty. So many calories! I just tell myself they’re healthy because they have chia seeds in them!” I didn’t say this, but really, who cares how many calories they have? It’s peanut butter and dark chocolate delicousness! Why feel naughty about it? I sure didn’t!

I kept on trend by having thesechocolate and peanut butter pretzels for snacks, too. So good.

Alex and I went to the movies one day and I got this frozen lemonade, since lemonade is my FAVOURITE drink of ALL TIME. Wine’s okay, but lemonade…. Not just an amazing Beyonce album, pals!

Anyway, it didn’t taste great and I only had a few sips before the movie started because I just didn’t enjoy it. But then Spiderman got REAL intense so I stress-sipped it all. Don’t regret it though!

I had an apple with nut butter some days. They’re probably one of my favourite fruits!

I also have a soy cap every day. Can’t quit them, boos!

Ham and cheese mountain bread wrap. So simple but so good!

And, of course, I have chocolate every day! I find if I include a small amount in my daily meals/snacks, it stops me from wanting to binge a whole big bar of it, which is what I used to do a lot during my ED.

I’ve been homesick for Scotland so I got this wispa bar. Alpal and I halved the wispa and the hazlenut creme chocolate after dinner one night. The Choceur brand is from Aldi and it will change. Your. Life.

So, pals… What was your favourite thing you had to eat this week?

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