Weekly Meal & Snack Things #2

Well, this past week has been a magical one, I’ll tell you that much for free! You see, little buns… A lifelong dream came true for me last Thursday and I just feel like I’ll never recover!

I finally got a Kitchenaid! If you know me, you’ll know how long I’ve been dreaming of owning one. If you don’t, you might consider yourself lucky because I’ve been crapping on about it nonstop for FOREVER.

I’d like to say I saved up for it, but that’s not exactly true. I mean, it was my money! But it was my tax return money. And as soon as I knew I was going to receive enough to buy a Kitchenaid, no-one was going to stop me! (And I was pretty close to using afterpay to buy one before I got my tax money, but Alpal would’ve been maaaaaad about that. He’s smart with money and I’m big time not. I blame it on not doing maths in year 11 and 12.)

Anyway… Here he is! His name is Edgar, because as my friend Georgia pointed out, Edgar’s the sound I make when I sneeze, so obviously it’s the perfect name for my kitchenaid, because BLESS ME.

I spent the whole weekend baking up a storm with Edgar. We made peanut butter and choc chip cookies, muesli cookies, pretzels and bagels! It was just the best. But to be honest, in all the excitement I forgot to eat regular meals. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before. You know when people are all, "Oh, I forgot to eat lunch today!" and you’re all, "…. You what? How?!"

Well, I DID! I’m as shocked as you are. Although I was obviously grazing on all of the baked goods so it’s not like I wasn’t eating. But I will say, when I had my eating disorder, I would’ve taken it as an opportunity to just "give up on the diet and not try anymore", which would lead to a binge and a whole new cycle of restricting and binging. But now that I eat intuitively and I don’t associate my worth as a person with my eating, I felt just fine about it!

For the rest of the week, it was back to my usual intuitive and normal eating routine.


On Sunday Alpal and I enjoyed homemade bagels, warm from the oven & shmeared with a mountain of cream cheese. I don’t understand how people can just put a little bit on theirs. It’s called a shmear for a reason… Not a "scraping"! And don’t even get me started on "light" Philadelphia cream cheese. Nope. I can’t with that.

I had muesli cookies with my usual soy cappuccino for breakfast some days. The recipe is fromthe kitchn. They were okay, but not super tasty. I’m going to keep experimenting with recipes until I get the right batch!

I also had these apple crumble breakfast bars most days. They’re just so good! Kylie Mitchell is a gosh darned genius.

Smoothies! My go-to chocolate and peanut butter smoothie never gets old.

One morning I went out for breaky with my Dad and ordered corn, feta and mint fritters with pulled pork and a mint yoghurt sauce. The fritters and sauce were deeeeelectable but the pork was a bit dry! I’d still order it again, though.

On Saturday morning I had a sausage and egg mcmuffin and 2 hash browns after a night out on Friday. I don’t really drink very often/that much so when I do it hits me hard. So maccas for breaky was kind of essential. And SO appreciated.

Lunches and dinners

We had this Mexican sweet potato lasagna on Sunday night and it was so good! Another recipe from Kylie’s blog and I’ll be making a lot from now on, I think! It uses beef mince… I’m not crazy about mince but Alex loves it so it’s great when I find recipes that make it taste good! Plus it made enough for leftovers for lunch the next day. Raise the roof!

On Monday night we had roast pumpkin with a brown rice salad. Alex had some sort of crumbed fish from the freezer with his and I had lots of feta with mine. I don’t eat fish or seafood so I usually have a vegetarian/plant-based meal when he has fish. It works out well!

I had planned to make this beautiful slow cooker beef cheek dish from my friend Laura’s blog on Tuesday and chopped up all the veggies for it, but when I looked at the beef cheeks they were out of date. So disappointing! Although, I had already chopped up a lot of carrots, celery, onion and garlic and had the ingredients for minestrone so I made that! Except it turned out to be more of a stew than a soup. I really liked it though! I had it for lunch on a few days.

One night we got pizza and pasta from our favourite Italian place and it was just so delish. I love putting my spaghetti on top of my pizza and eating it like a carb sandwich. You guys have to try it!

Another night I felt really blocked up and cold/flu-ey, so Alpal made burrito bowls while I had a bath. He’s a sweetie poo!

On Friday night, I went to Beach Burrito with my work gal-pals and we ate all of the Mexican things. DE-LISH.

And of course, that wasn’t enough Mexican for one week so I drove half an hour to get a burrito on Saturday. Cute little solo date on the beach! Best. Decision. Ever.


When I bought my Kitchenaid I decided to celebrate/congratulate myself by buying these super expensive chocolate macadamias from Peter’s of Kensington. That place even smells like rich people. Macadamias are my favourite nuts and when they’re covered in chocolate they just do things to me! I had a handful after dinner three nights in a row until they were all done!

Clif bars! I think I’d like to make my own version of them because they have a kind of proteiny-chewy texture and taste that I’m not crazy about… I still like them, don’t get me wrong! But I’d definitely like to make my own soon.

Yoghurt. UGH… I love yoghurt. I love it so much, you guys. One day I had it with tiny teddies because we had them at work for the kids and I hadn’t had them in FOREVER. Still just as good as they used to be! I used to dip the chocolate ones in orange juice when I was little. It sounds weird but it tasted amazing, okay?!

Iced vanilla lattes. Say what you want about Starbucks, but they know how to add sugary syrups to coffee and milk and make it taste like heaven. I ain’t mad at them!

I tried to make my own iced latte at home but it wasn’t great. Although, these chocolate covered oreos I had with it were YUM! I got a packet of them on Monday and Alex ate the last one a few days later. I was not happy. He still hasn’t replaced them… I mean, what is that about?

Peanut butter and smooshed banana on toast!

And my favourite snack of all: iced coffee and a fresh, warm cinnamon donut. Ugh. I went shopping for jeans on Friday and everyone knows how traumatic that can be. Although I found a pair that fit pretty well so I celebrated with coffee and a donut! Is there anything better than a warm donut, you guys? I feel like the answer is a definite, unequivocal "no."

What was your favourite item on the menu this week, little buns?

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