Weekly Meals & Snacks #3

This week was a carb filled week and I am not mad about it at all!

I was craving all of the grains and bread this week and wasn’t sure why… But gave my body what it was asking for anyway! Today I got my period, so I know why now! My PCOS makes me crave carbs a lot and right before my period, it demands them. So instead of binging on only carbs, I listened to my body and gave it the carbs it wanted whenever it wanted, as well as all of the other food groups. I definitely had more carbs than I do in other weeks, but I’m not hating on myself because of it. It’s what I wanted this week and instead of focusing on the potential weight I might’ve gained, I’m happy with all of the delicious choices I made! Intuitive eating win, you guys!


On Monday I went out for breaky with my Dad and ordered one of the specials: chipotle scrambled eggs on sourdough with chorizo. EXCELLENT CHOICE, you guys. I ordered a half serve because Edmonds and Greer make huge breakfasts and I wanted an iced latte too. So delish.

Tuesday? Edmonds and Greer again! That’s where we have our supervisor meetings for work every fortnight and it just makes me so happy! I got the fancy pants bacon and egg roll WITH hash browns and a milo milkshake. My taste buds and tummy were over the moon. Have you guys ever tried putting a hash brown on your bacon and egg rolls? Life. Changer.

I had smoothies for first/second breakfast on a few other days. My go-to PB and chocolate and my just kidding green smoothie.

I also made Kylie Mitchell’s double graham cracker crust summer cobbler (even though it’s winter here) and tropical banana bread. So I had those for breakfasts some days, too!

Then on Saturday, Alpal and I had cinnamon rolls that I made on Thursday for breakfast. They were super duper sweet which I usually don’t go for but it really hit the spot that day!

Lunches and Dinners

One night I made this creole chicken and sausage dish from pinch of yum. The pictures don’t do it justice but it was so good! We served it with some brown rice and had it for dinner and lunches for a couple of days. Slow cooker recipes are so great for that, don’t you think?

Another night Mum and I ordered takeaway burgers while Alpal was at uni. I got the veggie burger and chips and it was DE-LISH. I felt a bit sick afterwards because I didn’t listen to my hunger cues and ate the whole thing because it was just so good. So not an intuitive eating win, but definitely a normal eating win! Everybody eats past the point of being full sometimes, pals, and that’s totally okay.

I made this really nice chickpea and farro salad another night and had it for lunch the next day too. I’ll pop the recipe up real soon because I have a feeling I’ll be making it a whole buttload from now on!

I also had this mountain bread wrap for lunch one day. I put some avocado dip, spinach and camembert on it and had some strawberries with it too. It was super quick and easy to put together and it was really tasty! Plus the ikea colourful plates we have at work was just the cherry on top of the presentation, you know?


Chocolate covered peanuts!

All of the yoghurts! One day I put a crushed up arnott’s marie biscuit in an apple and cinnamon yoghurt and I felt like a genius for doing it.

On another couple of days I had chobani’s new flip yoghurts. The caramel crunch is my favourite so far but I also loved the choc mint one!

Savoury granola! I made a couple of batches of this to send to my friends Eloise and Laura and I got to snack on it too. It’s got a good kick to it and it’s lovely and crunchy… I’ll be sharing the recipe soon!

Iced vanilla lattes. I’m so here for them.

Trail mix! I’ll be sharing this recipe soon too, pals. I used to be so scared of eating trail mix when I used to count calories but now I am ALL FOR THEM. Give me all of the nuts and things!

What was your favourite thing you ate this week, little buns? Mine was definitely snacking on the chocolate covered peanuts. Such a magical combination!

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