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Hi, you guys! It’s me, Lou! (Not the tall drink of water in the photo above, the girl behind the camera!) I thought I’d reintroduce myself since it’s been so long since I’ve posted. What a muppet, am I right?! What is she doing that she can’t even update her blog?

I’m not going to lie, pals. Game of Thrones happened. I binge-watched it with Alpal after he pretty much begged me to watch it and DANG, was it compelling television! Between that and work and compulsory naps, I haven’t had much time to blog.

But don’t worry, you guys… We’re watching the whole series of the Mindy Project now and I’ve already seen it, so there’s plenty of time to blog now. I’m just rewatching it so Alps can. He says it’s his guilty pleasure but ain’t nothin’ guilty about it… Mindy Kaling is a KWEEN.

So, what’s been happening with you guys? Whatcha been doing? Where ya been goin’? Whatcha been eating?

I’ve been eating a lot more plant-based foods lately, which is another reason why I haven’t blogged for a while. I would absolutely hate it if my blog became a space where you guys felt excluded because I’m not eating certain things lately… I’ve been feeling that since I haven’t been eating a lot of meat, that I might accidentally encourage some of you to stop eating meat as well. I know I don’t have that kind of pull, but still! I worry about you, little buns. Especially since I know a lot of you are in recovery as well.

Just so you know, the reason I haven’t been eating that much meat is two-fold. One: it just doesn’t appeal to me as much as it used to. The smell and sight of it has been really off-putting for some reason! The other reason is that I’ve been looking into the way a lot of different animals are farmed and killed and it just doesn’t sit right with me. This isn’t to say that all farming practices are unethical, because I know that a lot of them are killed humanely. But for now, I’ve been slowly phasing out meat. I still have eggs, cheese and milk because I can’t not. But I rarely have pork anymore and the only meat that appeals to me now is beef (in the form of a burger, obvs.) Sometimes I’ll eat chicken, too, because nuggets. But you never know, that might change one day. It also might not. But it’s important for me to emphasise that it’s my choice and I’m eating in this way because it suits me and i’m not doing it in a restrictive way. I whole heartedly believe that everyone should eat what makes them feel good and satisfies them. So, as always, you do you, boo boos!

Without further ado, here are some of my meals and snacks from the past few weeks…


To be honest, I don’t have many photos of breakfasts from the past few weeks because I’ve been having the same thing almost every morning during the week- vegemite toast and homemade iced lattes! It’s been so hard to get out of bed in the mornings lately- something about the end of the term and just being generally run down, I think. So I haven’t been prepping oats and smoothies like I usually do. I do LOVE me some vegemite toast, though! Butter to vege ratio must be 3:1 though, without question.

Alpal and I went to this cafe in Kogarah yesterday called the Laughing Goat. It’s also a really cool antique shop and they have delish food! I got the pesto scrambled eggs on toast w/ avocado, mushrooms and obviously added a hash brown because whenever they’re on the menu I MUST HAVE ONE. Alps got the breakfast salad and it looked pretty good! I noticed on the menu they have freak-shakes (including a Milo one) so we will definitely be going back! Eat it bowels… I need all of the lactose sometimes, k?

Banana bread! I made a loaf from Kylie Mitchell’s blog a few months ago and sliced it up to keep in the freezer. I love toasting it and then spreading it with cream cheese. Adding golden gaytime crumbs is also a must.

Egg and cheese on toast

Not glamorous or fancy, but delish! How food bloggy are the blobs of hot sauce? I always have some variation of this for second breakfast. This, or toast with almond/peanut butter and banana- my fave!

Lunches and dinners

I’ve made this unreal vegetable and lentil soup from pinch of yum every week for about a month, and neither of us are getting sick of it anytime soon! It’s made right in the slow cooker and after 6 hours, you take out a few cups of it and blend it with olive oil and add it back in… Makes it so creamy! Make it ASAP rocky!

Salad roll with pesto and cheddar.

Polenta with mushrooms! Oh yes. First time making it and won’t be the last, it’s so good!

Burgers and waffle fries from Burger Co. Alps gets the vegetarian burger and I get the beef burger. We go once a week! Although we haven’t gone this week. Might have to rectify that soon!

(Plus an oreo thickshake because YAS PLS.)

Cauliflower tacos! They look super fancy and tasted it too! Does this mean they tasted bad? No. But could they have used a buttload of cheese? Absolutely. Didn’t miss the meat in the slightest, but boy did I miss the cheddar. (Don’t worry, I’ll add it next time.)

Pasta with pumpkin sauce! I’ve been tampering with this recipe for pumpkin sauce for a while.. I’m waiting until I get it juuuust right until I put it on the blog. But you guys… It’s good. It’ll be worth the wait, trust me!

Once we had it with chickpea spaghetti and it was unreal! We’ve really been getting into pulse pasta and it’ll definitely be on high rotation for weeks to come.

Lemon and garlic risoni with roast vegetables, beans and goats cheese. A pinterest find that I’m now OBSESSED with! (Not so obsessed with the lighting, though. Eek!)

Old faithful- my favourite brown rice, spinach and chickpea salad with goats cheese and everything bagel spice. I seriously don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it!

This taco bowl from pinch of yum– the “meat” is made from cauliflower and walnuts and tastes surprisingly meaty! I was definitely sceptical but I really liked it!

Lentil and black bean tacos. Alpal made the mixture for these and may I just say, he is KILLING it in the kitchen these days. It was so good! He’s so clever. Ugh. I’m so fond of that guy.


So obviously I had to try the new Golden Gaytime Sanga. I never thought I would say this but I am not a fan. It doesn’t even taste like a gaytime. Where’s the honeycomb flavour, guys? Get it together.

Popcorn and pretzels.

Rocky road trail mix.

Freezer cookies! I made dough a while ago and scooped it out and froze it in balls. Whenever the craving hits, all I have to do is pop them in the oven! Genius!

So, nothing too meal-prepped/organised there, little buns. But that’s what normal eating is all about right?! Not obsessively planning everything and eating what satisfies you, or even just what’s there and what’s tasty! What’s been on your menu lately?

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