Granola on Waffles & Toast

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“And in the morning… I’m makin’ waffles!”

Because who in their right mind hasn’t always wanted to start a blog post like that?!

So. Here’s the deal, little buns. This post right here, contains information pertaining to the ACTUAL breakfast of my dreams. As in, I have PHYSICALLY gone to sleep and LITERALLY dreamt of it.

It all started a few weeks ago when I was perusing the aisles at my local IGA. I like IGA because I never run into anyone I know there (anxious introverts, where you at? Avoiding people, too? TWINS!) and they stock things you don’t usually find in Woolies and Coles. No shade to them, but sometimes you just gots to get your freak on at an independent grocery shop, you know?

As I was walking down the international aisle ogling at the Italian biscuits, I spotted this packet of toaster waffles I’d never seen before. “Oh dang,” I obviously thought, since Alpal and I watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine every night before we go to sleep and don’t we all have a little Gina Linetti in us? “Those look delish. They’re waffles… That you put in the frickin’ toaster. I thought these only existed on American dietitian’s Instagram pages!”

So obviously, I gosh darned bought those bad boys because I’m not an idiot. I’ve been searching for new carb sources at breaky that are easy enough to prepare (I’ve been craving roast potatoes but being this unwell limits my time in the kitchen, you see!) and these looked and sounded perfect.


I also have PCOS and I’ve been learning more about it through Julie Duffy Dillon‘s amazing PCOS and Food Peace course, and I’ll just have you know that it’s pretty darn important to:
1. Not “give up” carbs like a lot of doctors advise women with PCOS to do (ENTER: WAFFLES)
2. Get a lot of protein into your diet. As in, more than women who don’t have PCOS have.

So whenever I think about what I want to eat for meals and snacks, I’m always thinking about different carb and protein sources I can eat that will serve my tastebuds, satisfaction factor and those darned polycystic ovaries, best!


So there I was, the morning after I bought the aforementioned amazing toaster waffles, wondering what to top them with. I’ve only ever had waffles once before in New York in a super cool diner, and they served them Leslie Knope style… As in, there was so much whipped cream you couldn’t see the waffles. It was amazing. But I didn’t have any whipped cream, I was looking for lotsa protein and I’m a little bit lactose intolerant so that probably wouldn’t have been the best idea anyway.

I thought, “remember that time a couple of weeks ago you made almond butter and felt rightly smug about it?” Uh, YEAH I DO, my brain! So I started there and everything else just came to me. I pulled the waffles out of the toaster, spread some almond butter on them (did I mention I made my own almond butter, guys?) and smooshed some sliced banana on there, too. Then I dolloped some Greek yoghurt on top (more protein! You’re welcome, cysts on my ovaries), more bananas, some sliced strawberries and almost called it a day.


I looked at the glorious waffles and thought, “Why aren’t you on the Great Australian Bake-Off, you fool? Look at this masterpiece! And you’d get to meet Maggie Beer again?” And THEN I thought, this needs a lil’ somethin’ somethin’.


I made a huge batch of this Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Granola the week before and had been eating it by the handful. It’s so good, you guys. So, so good. I pulled it out of the pantry, sprinkled it on top, and A STAR WAS BORN. (27 years ago, and that star was me. Also, the waffles were pretty good, too.)

Here’s what you might be thinking: “Lou boo, that’s an unnecessarily long story about waffles, girl. Get to the point faster next time.”

First of all, how dare you.

Secondly, noted.

ANYWAY, the little waffles came in a pack of 6 and they were super tiny so I had 2 a day. You do the math! Just kidding, I will: I had the same breakfast for 3 days and then they ran out. On the fourth day, I felt a little bit sad because, well, no more waffles. But we did have sourdough. I thought, this won’t be as good as waffles, but I’ll try it with the same kinda toppings.



And it was all thanks to granola on toast! Ugh. What a babe. Those little crunchy oat and nut clusters, coated in cocoa powder, maple syrup and olive oil. Swoon!

So that, my little pudding cups, is the story of how granola on waffles and toast came to be.

I thought it was super important to post on the blog about it because:
a) I always put off writing things for my blog unless I think they’re worthy of being on the blog… How boring is that?! It’s my blog, everything in my life is worthy of my own blog! I’m such a silly sausage sometimes.
b) I feel like you guys need to sprinkle granola on top of your waffles or toast, ASAP. So here is a little sort-of-recipe for you…


Granola on Waffles and Toast

Serves 1


  • Waffles! If you can find some that go in the toaster, they’re great! If you find ones that you warm up in the oven, also great! If you make them in your waffle-maker, YOU GO, GIRL/BOY. How many? It’s up to you! When I have the toaster ones, I have 2. But I’ve had another brand that were super chunky and 1 was enough to satiate me. But it is totally up to you and your hunger levels!
  • Toast! Thickly sliced, please. Sourdough or other pretentious bread is best because it is sturdy like a Disney prince with big, beefy forearms! Thin sliced bread isn’t strong enough to hold the toppings, if you ask me.
  • Almond butter or peanut butter, or both!
  • Sliced banana
  • Greek yoghurt (I think ricotta would also work well, too!)
  • Strawberries
  • Ground cinnamon
  • This granola. Try other flavours at your own risk!


Toast your waffles or thickly sliced bread. Slather on a generous amount of almond or peanut butter and watch it go all melty. Or, if you’re hungry, don’t wait, you fool! Smoosh the banana on, would you? Place enough slices of the banana to cover the waffle/toast, then smoosh it in with a fork. Plop a little dolop of Greek yoghurt on top, and use the spoon to spread it around. Add some more sliced banana on top, a sprinkle of cinnamon and some sliced strawberries. Finally, sprinkle as much granola on top as your little heart desires, making sure you pick out an ample amount of chocolate chunks to go on top. Enjoy with tea, or if you’re like me, a niiiice iced latte.


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